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5. Personal Odyssey

Congrats! By now, you've created a high quality resume and LinkedIn - the foundational documents for your job search!

Our next task is to articulate who you are to companies. Specifically, by answering one of the most common question: "Who are you?" or "Tell me about yourself".

The way to answer this is by sharing your personal-odyssey: your career journey that led you to apply to a given company.

This question allows you to demonstrate your strengths, motives and attitude towards your career.

Let's take a look at what a Personal Odyssey is, how to prepare one, and what high quality looks like.


Alright, that 12 word description may still cause you to ask, what the heck is a Personal Odyssey? Luckily, we've got more resources to show you!


Check out this video to learn more about what a personal odyssey is:


Now that you've watched the video, it's time to write your own Personal Odyssey.


Use the standard structure below to write your Personal Odyssey. Check the box once complete.



Check out the below video to see how to tailor your Personal Odyssey to companies and roles:



Find two different job descriptions that interest you and craft your Personal Odyssey to each.

Preparation & FAQs#


Watch this to overcome common challenges to creating your Personal Odyssey




Present your Personal Odyssey to 2-3 peers to get feedback.

The more practice the better. Soon enough, telling your Personal Odyssey will feel easy.


Mark your completion in the course tracker.