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3. LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn serves a similar function to resumes, yet has a few unique benefits:

  • Forwardable link
  • Skill "Endorsements"
  • Testimonials ("Recommendations") by coworkers/instructors
  • Searchable by recruiters
  • Holds contacts
  • Networking tool
  • Tells qualitative aspects of you: passions, hopes, soft skills, aspirations


Watch this video to see exemplar LinkedIn profiles and learn the secrets to creating an amazing LinkedIn:


LinkedIn draft#


Once you've watched the video, improve your LinkedIn using the lessons from the video above.

Summarize the improvements and write them in your course tracker.

Resume Checklist#

By now you should have a draft of your LinkedIn.

Let's make it even better.


Grade your LinkedIn using this LinkedIn checklist

Review your LinkedIn and ensure your profile accomplishes checks all the checklist boxes

Keep improving your LinkedIn until you check all the boxes.

Upload LinkedIn#


Once you complete your resume, upload it your Make School portfolio.

Mark your completion in the course tracker!