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4. Github Cleanup

Employers will look at your Github. You want it to be presentable to prospective employers, so let's clean it up a bit!

What makes a good repo?#

You want to give a professional look to your GitHub. Would you read a repo that was just a wall of text? A solid repo should include at least the following:

  • Images/visual examples for descriptions instead of text
  • Proper syntax highlighting/code blocks
  • Example usage of the code
  • Cleanly organized sections of the repo (i.e. using the markdown headers to create sections). Don't just make one big README
  • Link to external libraries used, resources, additional information, etc.

For examples of what makes a presentable repo, check out this template, or better yet, this curated list of awesome READMEs.


Follow this checklist, and check out the exemplars to format your projects so that employers can easily navigate your work.

Check this box once you are complete.

Finally, mark your completion in the course tracker.