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Web Foundations

Prerequisite courses for all students. Understand the architecture of web applications, creating modular applications, professional best practices, request-response cycle, server-side templating, APIs, databases & unit testing, language-independent web server frameworks, and patterns in full-stack web design.

WEB 1.0Web FoundationsMitchell, Meredith
WEB 1.1Web ArchitectureMeredith

Front End Web Concentration

Create meaningful user experiences, interact directly with users to collect valuable feedback, build visualizations of data, and design amazing modes of user interaction for web, mobile, and desktop applications.

FEW 1.2JavaScript FoundationsMitchell
FEW 2.1Writing JavaScript LibrariesMitchell, Meredith
FEW 2.2Advanced CSS and Web DesignMitchell
FEW 2.3Single Page Web ApplicationsMitchell
FEW 2.4Native Development with JavaScriptMitchell
FEW 2.5Data Visualization & Web GraphicsMitchell
FEW 2.9Advanced Technical Seminar (GraphQL)Mitchell

Back End Web Concentration

Learn the patterns, practices, and paradigms that ensure you can use, develop, and release standardized server-side applications. Work with syntactic language features, web applications and APIs, deployment, web security, and scaling.

BEW 1.2Authentication, Associations, & Advanced QueriesMeredith
BEW 1.3Server-Side Architectures & FrameworksDani, Meredith, Mitchell
BEW 2.1Advanced Web Patterns in Node.jsBraus, Dani
BEW 2.2DevOps, Deployment & ContainersDani, Jay
BEW 2.3Introduction to Web SecurityDani
BEW 2.4Decentralized Apps & Distributed ProtocolsDani
BEW 2.5Go - Patterns & Practices in Strongly Typed EcosystemsDani

Mobile Development

Learn the theory and application of the entire product development process for creating interactive mobile iOS applications. Work with Swift, and advanced frameworks used in industry along with mobile-specific programming paradigms.

MOB 1.1Introduction to SwiftAdriana
MOB 1.2Introduction to iOS Development in SwiftAdriana
MOB 1.3Dynamic iOS ApplicationsAdriana
MOB 2.1Local Persistence in iOSAdriana
MOB 2.22D Mobile Game DevelopmentAdriana
MOB 2.3Concurrency & Parallelism in iOSAdriana
MOB 2.4Advanced Architectural Patterns in iOSAdriana
MOB 2.9Advanced Technical Seminar (MOB)Adriana

Data Science

Learn to understand, process, visualize and extract value from data through analysis, building appropriate models to predict unseen data, use data with neural networks to mimic human perception, and implement recommendation systems.

DS 1.1Data Analysis & VisualizationJoseph, Jess
DS 2.1Machine LearningJoseph
DS 2.2Deep LearningJoseph, Jess
DS 2.3Data Science in ProductionJoseph
DS 2.4Core Applications of Artificial IntelligenceBraus, Mitchell, Joseph
DS 2.9Advanced Technical Seminar (DS)Joseph

Computer Science (Core)

How computers work. The fundamentals of programming, software development. Starting with the basics like variables, conditionals, and loops and building further into complex algorithms, advanced data structures, graph theory, and other programming concepts.

CS 1.0Introduction to ProgrammingJoi, Jess
CS 1.1Object Oriented ProgrammingJoi, Jess
CS 1.2Introduction to Data StructuresJess, Joi, Alan
CS 1.3Core Data Structures and AlgorithmsAlan, Jess, Joi
CS 2.1Advanced Trees & Sorting AlgorithmsAlan, Jess
CS 2.2Advanced Recursion & GraphsAnne, Meredith

Software Product Development

Understanding the software development process and foundational skills of successful engineers. Everything from building a startup to working on engineering teams, personal and professional development, AGILE, SCRUM, marketing and other software development skills.

SPD 1.1Introduction to Software DevelopmentDan, Braus, Mitchell
SPD 1.2Agile Product Development & UI/UXDan, Adriana, Mitchell
SPD 1.3Team Software ProjectDan, Braus
SPD 1.41Engineering Careers 1: Communication & InterviewingMeredith, Braus
SPD 1.5Engineering Careers 2: Management and LeadershipJay, Dan, Dani
SPD 2.1Industry Collaboration Project Part 1: Client WorkDan
SPD 2.2Industry Collaboration Project Part 2: Analytics & GrowthDan, Dani
SPD 2.31Testing and ArchitectureKami
SPD 2.41Onboarding into CompaniesKami, Jay


QL 1.1Quantitative ReasoningKami
ENT 2.1EntrepreneurshipBraus, Anne