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6. iOS Install Instructions

You should follow this guide to update and install your iOS development environment before Python, as the Python installers actually have some dependencies on the iOS tools.

Command Line Tools

Install the Xcode Command Line Tools, which is a bundle of command-line based software for developers. It includes things like git, gcc and clang. For a complete list, see this article.


Install Command Line Tools by running this command in terminal:

$ xcode-select --install

Download Xcode

To install the latest version of Xcode, you need the latest version of Mac OS before you install Xcode.


  1. On the upper left corner, click the apple icon, and click About This Mac
  2. From the Overview tab, click on Software Update, and if there are any updates available, install them.

From here, Xcode is an easy download in the Mac App Store:


  1. Use the keyboard shortcut command + spacebar and type "app store" to open the App Store.
  2. Once there, search for the program Xcode and click Install.

After it's installed (this will take some time, it's not a quick download), you should open Xcode to allow it to do some additional installation and configuration. Note that you should not install a beta version of Xcode! Only install a production version through the app store.