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5. Git + GitHub

Git and Github are super important and awesome tools for tracking, revising, and collaborating on code projects. Let's get your computer setup to use Git and Github.

Why Use Git?#

In short, developers use git to collaborate on a project simultaneously and save snapshots of different versions of the project.

Watch this 5 min video by Paul Programming where he explains the value of using git:


Install / Setup#


  1. Install git if you haven't already.
```bash$ brew install git```
  1. Head over to and sign up for an account using your personal email address if you don't already have one.
  2. Configure your global username and email address.

‼️ IMPORTANT: If you skip this step, Git will produce a warning each time you push to a remote branch.

$ git config --global "YOUR_NAME"$ git config --global ""

Finally, double-check your settings. They should look similar to the following:

$ git config --list>

If you can’t set this up, don’t worry - we will be giving extra support during orientation.

Generating and Configuring SSH Keys

SSH keys are a cryptographic way to secure your connection between your computer and GitHub. Setting them up will make it so you don't have to login through your terminal when you are trying to push. Let's set them up:

‼️ IMPORTANT !!: DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD WHEN PROMPTED. Just hit enter after running the ssh-keygen command, and do it until you see something on your terminal that looks like the following:

The key fingerprint is:SHA256:Up6KjbnEV4Hgfo75YM393QdQsK3Z0aTNBz0DoirrW+c ylo@klarThe key's randomart image is:+---[RSA 2048]----+|    .      ..oo..||   . . .  . .o.X.||    . . o.  ..+ B||   .   o.o  .+ ..||    ..o.S   o..  ||   . %o=      .  ||    @.B...     . ||   o.=. o. . .  .||    .oo  E. . .. |+----[SHA256]-----+klar (11:40) ~>



Run the following commands, using your email address that you entered earlier.

‼️ IMPORTANT !!: DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD WHEN PROMPTED. Remember to just hit enter after running the ssh-keygen command until you get the image that looks like the example above

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" -b 4096

Once again, you will get a few prompts, just keep hitting enter! Once you see something that looks like the above example, run the following command:

$ cat ~/.ssh/>ssh-rsa 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

With your mouse, highlight the entire public key, beginning with ssh-rsa and ending with your email address. Copy the highlighted public key to the clipboard.

If you run into issues here, we will help you during orientation.

Add the key to GitHub#


  1. Click the above link, log in, and navigate to your account "Settings".
  2. Click on SSH and GPG Keys section.
  3. Paste your key in the 'Key' section and give it a relevant Title. Use an identifiable title like Work Laptop or Home MacBook Pro 15.
  4. Make sure you copied the entire key starting with ssh-rsa and ending with your email.
  5. Test your setup by running ssh -T
$ ssh -T>Hi droxey! You have successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

This can be complicated for first time developers. If so, have no fear - we will help you at orientation.

Stretch Challenge: Practice Git

Note About Stretch Challenges#

You'll frequently see Stretch Challenges throughout your time at Make School. These challenges are optional, and are there to help give you more practice, or to dive deeper into a topic. If you want to go the extra mile and enhance your learning, we encourage you to complete them after you have completed the required content for a chapter/project/lesson/etc.

Practice Git#

Now that you have a general understanding of git, practice your skills at Learn Git Branching. This is a great way to learn and practice the basics of git from the browser with a guided tutorial.


Complete at least the following sections from Learn Git Branching:

  • On the Main tab, do the Introduction Sequence, parts 1-4
  • On the Remote tab, do Push and Pull Git Remotes, parts 1-7
  • Complete extra sections to level up your git skills even more

Extra Resources#